Vixen Feeding her babies…

Vixen feeding her babies in my garden today… I count myself very lucky to be able to see such wildlife on a daily basis, these pups were very persistent until she fed them, I was able to capture some great images 🙂

Whats This 🙂

My cat exploring the snow we had last week here in the UK, this is Teddy a Norwegian forest cat so you would think he would love the snow 🙂 he has a triple thick coat to keep him warm 🙂

Door Step Raiders…

And they ALL look like they’re having fun LOL! 🙂 another puzzle completed over Christmas, this one is only 500 pieces and fun to do 🙂

Lockdown puzzles

Happy New Year! Finding things to do during Lockdowns has not been easy but I’ve been enjoying doing some puzzles, this one is 1,000 pieces and took 6 days to complete, it was a bit complex but great fun to do 🙂 how have you been passing the time during this awful time… stay safe.

Lens Ball Photography

Lens ball photography is a great way of taking fun photos, I bought this early in the year (before covid) and was hoping to taking it on many trips this year to get some interesting shots but unfortunately those plans haven’t happened. I got this shot in my local woods back in April. I hope … Continue reading Lens Ball Photography


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