June Garden Grasses

And lots of summer grasses have grown as I don’t mow the grass but leave it meadow like, there are a lot of different grasses and ALL look beautiful blowing in the breeze 🙂

There are 3 pathways cut through the lawn so I can walk through the swaying grasses and see what new things mother nature has left me, I love finding unexpected plants popping up 🙂



I don’t cut my back grass.. only a couple of paths through for walking and I let the rest grow for wildlife and also my self because I love to see wildflowers and what mother nature will give me 🙂
And here are a few treasures in my garden this year… Any Ideas as to what this little blue flower is?… this had me stumped for a few days until I got a plant identifier app on my phone lol
Well… if you’ve ever eaten flax seed or Linseed this is it before it drops its healthy nutritious seed, I’ve eaten many flax and never gave it a second thought as to what the plant looked like.. now I know 🙂
Any Ideas as to this one?
Beautiful sunshine yellow to brighten the day..
well, I thought it was cowslip.. but NO
it is rapeseed or rutabaga..Swedish turnip..swede.
Any Ideas?

Just look at the beautiful flower on this,
another wildflower that’s found its way into my garden and another edible one.
it’s called common Salsify
If you like eating Oysters then this plant is for you as apparently the long big roots (like carrots) taste like Oysters .
I just love the flowers 🙂