I don’t cut my back grass.. only a couple of paths through for walking and I let the rest grow for wildlife and also my self because I love to see wildflowers and what mother nature will give me 🙂
And here are a few treasures in my garden this year… Any Ideas as to what this little blue flower is?… this had me stumped for a few days until I got a plant identifier app on my phone lol
Well… if you’ve ever eaten flax seed or Linseed this is it before it drops its healthy nutritious seed, I’ve eaten many flax and never gave it a second thought as to what the plant looked like.. now I know 🙂
Any Ideas as to this one?
Beautiful sunshine yellow to brighten the day..
well, I thought it was cowslip.. but NO
it is rapeseed or rutabaga..Swedish turnip..swede.
Any Ideas?

Just look at the beautiful flower on this,
another wildflower that’s found its way into my garden and another edible one.
it’s called common Salsify
If you like eating Oysters then this plant is for you as apparently the long big roots (like carrots) taste like Oysters .
I just love the flowers 🙂

Todays walk

Was another early walk at sunrise and how beautiful it is..This was another 4 mile walk
Seeing the sunrise and hear the birds bliss
This is a duel carraigeway and totally deserted..
And this is a pub for a nice cool shandy lol I wish…

Between cycling and walking I’ve done 38 miles this week, so it’s a few days rest now and start again next week….

However you take your exercise stay safe 🙂


Walk at Sunrise

How is everyone doing during this lockdown… I hope you’re all well and coping best you can.. I think nothing will return to “normal” once this is over.. I think it will be a different way of life for everyone.
Walking into the sunrise… This was a 4 mile walk I did a couple of days ago, today was a cycle ride and tomorrow is a 6 mile walk… Love walking early morning.
Stay well.. stay healthy and happy 🙂

Box of Delights

I have a box full of art.. adult colouring books and pencils, these have been packed away and waiting for a rainy day and although we have beautiful weather it is now time to get creative again and try and enjoy this forced imprisonment.

This one I enjoyed doing last year
And also the wolf
The cats look a wonderful one to do

And of course BEAUTIFUL Mandalas to keep me creative… LOVE them all. Stay safe ALL.



Reflection takes on a whole new meaning now… reflecting back to when this photo was taken and life was normal and care free.. no restrictions of and mingling was a way of life and taken for granted.. freedom was taken for granted.. this photo was taken only 4 weeks ago.. SO much has changed since then.. The whole world has changed since then. Stay Safe, Stay Well!


My Walk

Yesterday was another Beautiful day for a spring walk in the sunshine

Took a few photos in the woods as it was the only place where ppl were not around, the sun had brought many ppl out and trying not to come face to face with anyone wasn’t easy.

HI all 🙂
Enjoy getting out when you can but stay safe.
These are testing times for everyone but a daily walk with nature will help no end.